Dr. Rachel Schechter leads Learning Experience Design, Evaluation, and Consulting services at Charles River Media Group, acting as a Chief Research Officer “for hire” to companies large and small. Rachel helps guide the use of data and evaluation to support product improvements, build evidence of efficacy, and strengthen customer implementations.

Rachel has led research teams evaluating multimedia educational programming for learners of all ages since 2007, and most recently was the Vice President of Learning Sciences at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. While at Lexia Learning, Rachel led the development of patented Assessment Without Testing™ capabilities and oversaw the publication of 11 peer-reviewed articles about reading instruction, blended learning, and assessing foundational skill development that were published during her tenure.  Her research often examines motivation, feedback, and learning in blended learning environments, and she has published several online articles about learning and teaching on Shaped, Global Edtech, and HMH Engineering’s blog. In 2021, Rachel was featured as a guest on the Disrupt Education podcast, a keynote speaker for Every Learner Everywhere’s summer conference, and a panelist for the NYC Children’s Media Association. Her research often examines motivation, feedback, and learning in blended learning environments, and she has published several research articles evaluating formal and informal educational programming. Rachel holds a doctorate in Child Development from Tufts University and a Master’s of Arts in Education from Harvard University.

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Partnerships are focused on your organization’s needs and may range from a single prototype review to a consulting retainer in support of organizational transformation. With CRMG (see page for more details), Rachel collaborates with edtech companies, startups, higher education institutions, and businesses of all sizes to successfully maximize the impact of your data-driven insights –  whether on paper or on screen. 

  • Developing and implementing frameworks for learning
  • Evaluation strategy and roadmap guidance
  • Research and data analytics guidance for rapid evaluation cycles
  • Designing data feedback loops to improve customer implementations and product development

Dr. Rachel Schechter’s Unique Expertise

Dr. Rachel Schechter is uniquely suited to meet the needs of learners and educators TODAY. 

Evaluation Sciences

USE AND BUILD EVIDENCE to learn what works and what doesn’t, for whom, and under what circumstances.  Partners with research teams in Design, Marketing, and Efficacy to inform marketing campaigns, professional learning materials, and product roadmaps.  

Learning Sciences 

Advances understanding of the learning process to DESIGN LEARNING INNOVATIONS and MEASURE LEARNING with AI and ML.  Partners with Product, Assessment, Engineering, and Design to inform data architecture, reporting for educators and administrators, teaching order, skill progression, and mastery models.

Implementation Sciences

Facilitates the UPTAKE OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES into users’ application of products. Partners with Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, and Professional Learning to inform the communication and inspiration for the fidelity of implementation. 

Social and Emotional Learning

Considers social and emotional AWARENESS AND MANAGEMENT, individual variability, and local context for learners and educators. Partners with Product, Content, Professional Learning, Sales, and Marketing to ELEVATE USER VOICE to inform decision making that best meets the needs of users (learners and educators). 

Employee Engagement

Fosters an environment for DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and INCLUSION for team members company-wide.  Partners with Human Resources, Learning and Development, and other Support teams to inform strong communication patterns, staff development planning, and collaboration.

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