Digital Learning

Acceleration & Personalization

Reading Accelerators: A Report by Student Achievement Partners

Global Edtech

Educators are charged with improving literacy growth, but research shows that personalization doesn’t necessarily equal acceleration. This report highlights five literacy learning accelerators and how to personalize them to drive equitable skill development.

Differentiating Instruction

Why is Differentiated Instruction Important During COVID?

HMH Blog – Shaped

With students being taught in smaller groups for more often than not, this article explains what the research says about targeted, differentiated instruction and powerful tips to address learning loss and teach new material.

Boosting Effectiveness of Digital Tools

Too Much Screen Time? Here Are 4 Ways to Maximize It for Learning

HMH Blog – Shaped

Examples and guidance on how to incorporate interactivity, feedback, autonomy, and relationship building into the use of digital tools to maximize learning.

Motivational Theory & Digital Tools

Using Popular Motivational Theories to Evaluate Digital Tools.

Education Advocacy Blog – Getting Smart

Taking a look at three prominent motivational theories derived from educational research and explaining how understanding those theories can help educators evaluate whether a digital tool will support best practices for student engagement.

Data Visualization Tips for K-12 Administrators

Meet them where they are: Adjusting data visualization to resonate with K-12 Evaluation Stakeholders

American Evaluation Association Blog – AEA365

Read lessons learned and tips from my experience designing custom assessment reporting for one of the largest districts on the east coast. Before and after pictures illustrate how feedback was incorporated.